Whether you have five minutes or a few hours, get the facts on water quality and filter testing in the U.S.




Results of counterfeit filter testing: Full Report
“Online sales of counterfeit refrigerator water filters are a rapidly growing problem. These counterfeit water filters are sold with misleading and fraudulent labeling, often including the illegal use of brand names, logos and product labels. Although marketers of these counterfeit filters say they meet recognized standards for effectiveness, in reality they are untested and fail to remove toxic substances from water as the label claims.” Nationally recognized testing laboratories tested filters for the Filter It Out campaign – you can read the astonishing results here.


Results of counterfeit filter testing: Infographic
“The average person should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. Yet 63 million people in the U.S. have come into contact with unsafe drinking water.”




On Water Quality:

Common Waterborne Contaminants, Water Quality Association
“It’s bad enough to be able to see, smell, or taste a contaminant. But what if your water looks, smells, and tastes just fine — is it? Not necessarily. Microbial and organic contaminants cannot always be detected by human senses. You might go years before realizing a problem exists.”

What you need to know about water filters to remove lead, USA Today
“If you’re not confident the drinking water in your home is lead free, consider buying a water filter or other treatment device. Before you purchase a water-treatment device, experts recommend getting a water-quality report from your utility, then having a certified lab test your home’s water.”

On Testing and Standards:

Water Treatment Systems Certification Process, NSF International
“To earn NSF certification, water treatment systems must undergo extensive testing to confirm that they meet the strict requirements of NSF/ANSI Drinking Water Treatment standards.”

On the Rise of Counterfeit Filters:

You won’t believe these everyday items are knock offs, CNN Money
“Toothpaste. Contact lenses. Water filters. Wine. Scammers aren’t just ripping off expensive designer clothes and watches anymore. They’ve turned to more mundane items that are probably on your grocery list or in your medicine cabinet.”

Where are fake goods seized in U.S. coming from?, The Republic
“Customs and Border Protection’s more than 21,000 officers face a torrent of imports every day as they search for counterfeit goods.”


On Water Quality:

America’s water crisis goes beyond Flint, Michigan, CNBC
“America’s water issues extend far beyond the current crisis in Flint, Michigan — and it’s going to take a massive infrastructure investment to protect citizens from serious public health dangers, say experts.”

Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show, New York Times

“More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over the last five years, according to a New York Times analysis of federal data.”

On Testing and Standards:

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
“EPA requires community water systems to deliver a Consumer Confidence Report, also known as an annual drinking water quality report, to their customers. These reports provide Americans information about their local drinking water quality.”

Consumer Guide to NSF International Certified Lead Filtration Devices, NSF International
“NSF International has created this guide that lists all NSF-certified filters for lead reduction in drinking water. This guide also explains the NSF standards and the process by which NSF International verifies a filter’s ability to reduce lead in drinking water.”